About us

 Law School started in 1999,setting such specialties as jurisprudence, Law  Practicing and Economic Law. We have 46 well-qualified permanent members of the  academic staff, 3 professors, 8 associate professors, 16 lectures, and 13  teaching assistants. Most are masters and 2 are doctors. We have 2 academic  leaders. The components are International Law Teaching And Research Center,  Civil Law & Commercial Law Teaching And Research Center, Criminal Law  Teaching And Research Center, Jurisprudence Teaching And Research Center,  Administration Teaching And Research Center, Maritime Law Teaching And Research  Center, Tax Law Teaching And Research center, Comparative Jurisprudence Teaching  And Research Center, Practicing Center (including Moot Court, Criminal  Investigation Experiment Room, Legal Services Organization), Learning Resources  Center and three administrative offices. There are 1349 full time students in  Law School.